How to Ship a Motorcycle Overseas From USA

All motorcycles shipping overseas from the US must have a free and clear title. Obtaining this is an easy process if the owner is in the United States. If the motorcycle was purchased online by someone overseas, the same applies. If the motorcycle has a lien on it, an international motorcycle shipping company will not ship it.

An exception to having a lien on the title of ownership is for US active duty military personnel. In this case, permission will have to be granted from the lender and an Original Notarized Lien of Authorization Letter must be obtained.

This is a very important step. A) Only use a company accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). B) Only use a company licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in Washington, DC. If the motorcycle shipping company is registered with both BBB & FMC, you are safe.

If the motorcycle is far from the departure port, most international motorcycle shipping companies can arrange a transporter to pick up the motorcycle at an additional cost. This is an optional service. The transport company will meet with the owner or the designated person and will take copies of your paperwork to the shipping docs.

Since international motorcycle shipping companies do not quote import tax, contact the nearest Embassy in the United States. Don’t call the US Embassy, rather your country’s embassy. Call the branch and they will give you the latest import taxes and fees. Many Embassies are located in Washington, DC. Add the import tax to the amount quoted by the international motorcycle shipping company. Taxes are to be paid once the motorcycle arrives the destination country.

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