How to Ship Your Car to Hawaii

  One of the biggest questions that comes up when people relocate to Hawaii is how they are going to get their car to the islands. There are many companies that are set up to do just that, so it would be worth taking a moment to find out exactly what is involved in shipping your car and what kind of questions you should ask the shipping company.

First off, congratulations on relocating to paradise. Hopefully this is a long time dream of yours being fulfilled because many people who have ever had the opportunity to visit Hawaii have longed to get back and make its beauty a part of their day to day life.

Now you will want to decide if you’re car move will be from door to door or from port to port. This is because the shipping company will be happy to pick up the car at whatever location and take it to Hawaii. For many this big move can be part of an extended adventure where they drive their car across the US to a California port. This way they get to see a lot of the countryside and treat the move like a vacation.

It is important to understand that it can take 3 to 4 weeks for your car to arrive in Hawaii. So you will want to make plans when you first relocate to rent a car for your initial stay. Also, keep in mind that shipping time frames are subject to the weather and other port complications, so that 3 to 4 weeks is simply an average, when in fact it could take longer.

Make sure your car is ready to be shipped by following some of the following procedures:

Clean your car of all personal items so that nothing goes missing during the vehicle transfer.

Make sure the shipping company has all necessary keys for your automobile, which include the ignition, the trunk, and a locked gas lid. It is highly recommended to make a spare set of keys to prevent any issues.

The less gas in the tank, the better. This will make it easier to move and gas stations will be available at the port.

Make sure that you have all of your paperwork in hand. Title and the registration will be needed to move the car through the ports. Also, it is highly recommended to have copies of all of your documents in case the originals get lost.

While shipping your car to Hawaii can take a little time, with patience and copies of the keys and important documents, you can be sure to have your car with you on the islands.

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